The students at Chung Cheng were introduced to Google Maps on the PC (Grade 6) and iPad (Grade 5) this week. Many were interested in using the service to find places of interest, especially those that they are familiar with. Originally I had thought that the students might have a bit of trouble navigating the software on both platforms, but to my surprise these students quickly learned by themselves and from each other how to perform various actions and tasks. Perhaps this might have been due to the fact that the interface of Google Chrome was in Mandarin Chinese, but I’m more inclined to think it’s because these students are digital natives. In retrospect, I also need to keep my instructions brief and give more time to the students to use and fiddle around with the service. I plan to adapt a project based approach for the next lesson where students will need to plan out the routes going to various places at a select destination for his/her family to go to for their next family vacation.