Student A:
Using iPad is more fun and it’s convenient. We can find the information immediately.
In addition, we wrote the story online and discussed with our partner. It’s very
interesting that our classmates can read and listened to our story through seesaw. I
hope we can use iPad to learn English next time.
Student B:
This activity is very interesting. I not only learn a lot but also have fun with my
teammates. I like this activity very much.
Student C:
This is my first time to write a story with an iPad. At the beginning, I was afraid that I
couldn’t finish it. But my group members helped me a lot. We looked up the words
on the Net and we shared our nightmares with each other to create the new story.
The next class, the teacher said our story is the best. I was so surprised because I
thought we didn’t do well. Our group was so happy and I really learned a lot of new
things from this activity.
Student D:
About this activity, I think it’s interesting. We can work with classmates and using
iPad to learn English. At first, I didn’t want to do it because I thought it’s too difficult
for me. The teacher encourged us a lot and gave us a lot of ideas. We used iPad to
search information and wrote down our story together. We also recorded our story.
This was totlally new for me but l liked it very much. I am happy that I have a chance
to practice my oral English skill. I hope that we can use iPad in class all the time to
practice my listening and speaking skills.